As our practice policy, we offer effective and reliable services to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) with the same top-notch legal representation as we offer to all our clients. Our SMEs unique package affords legal services and representation to SMEs in their businesses in a cost-effective manner. We are here to help SME founders achieve their vision, from business formation to business growth and eventual sustainability.

We offer all but not limited to the following services to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises:


We advise SME founders on the appropriate business formation and structure, after which we register the business on their behalf with relatively lower cost.  We provide standard entrepreneur structuring advisory services to help arrive at the right business and holding structure that provides for sustainability and cost efficiency. Once a structure is put in place, we form the legal entities which can be a Partnership, Sole-Proprietorship or Limited Liability Company.

Our business formation service is timeous and unique by providing full legal and administrative services so that the SME owners may focus on their business and interface with their customers rather than focus on the tedious administrative tasks at the initial stage. Our services are budget sensitive.


Once a business is formed, we help SMEs open files and obtain needed permits, licences and certificates at various Ministries Departments and Agencies of Government (MDAs) depending on their line of operation. We enable SMEs carry out their day to day operations without entangling its management team in the cumbersome and tedious regulatory compliance.


In order to ensure a lasting business with ensuing growth, we undergo corporate governance activities with the management of SMEs to make them accountable to the appropriate business and management model which the business should follow for sustainability, from the business decision makers, to shareholders and also the employees.