We offer all but not limited to the following services: 


Our practice at Aekley Solicitors is built on our passion for providing corporate and commercial services to businesses in Nigeria. Some of our corporate and commercial services include:

  • Business formation i.e registering Nigerian companies, and pre-business activities,
  • Business Structuring and joint venture implementation,
  • Advising on all forms of commercial transactions,
  • Conducting due diligence,
  • Drafting of commercial documents such as Sale Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Shareholders Agreements, Confidentiality Agreement etc.,
  • Dealing with Regulators on clients’ behalf (Registering copyright, trademarks, obtaining permits and certificates from Nigerian public service organizations.


We assist foreign nationals seeking to do business in Nigeria through the complex Nigerian immigration laws by providing bespoken immigration solutions.

We solve all immigration related issues and obtain necessary permits on behalf of our clients. We specialise in processing:

  • Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card (CERPAC) and
  • Short Term Work Permit (TWP)


We help clients protect their innovative ideas by advising on all aspects of intellectual property law and by undertaking the registration process on behalf of our clients. With the aim of helping businesses and individuals safeguard their intellectual property rights, we specialise in the registration and enforcement of:

  • Trademarks,
  • Copyrights and
  • Patents.
  • Industrial Designs


We provide prompt and efficient services in relation to taxation matters to our clients. Our practical experience in Nigerian Tax laws helps us provide wide range of services on cumbersome Federal, State and Local Government tax matters.

We also work with external Tax Consultants in advising our clients on tax issues like:

  • Companies Income Tax (CITA),
  • Personal Income Tax (PAYE),
  • Petroleum Profit Tax (PPT),
  • Transfer Pricing Return (TPR),
  • Capital Gains Tax etc.


We provide legal services and representation to start-ups, covering diverse fields such as: telecoms, software, hardware, education, fin-tech, entertainment etc. Particularly, we help founders by guiding them through foundation stage, we continue assisting through the investment process up until continued growth is sustained.

We offer the following services to start-ups:

  • Start-up Registration
  • Drafting of Founders Agreement, Equity and Vesting Agreement, Employee Stock Option Agreement etc.
  • Dispute Resolution, Arbitration and Commercial Litigation.


We offer wide range of secretarial services to businesses. As a firm, we internalise the operations of our clients and form a core of the management team by offering some of the following services:

  • Convene and attend Directors and general meetings of the Company, record the minutes of such meetings and maintain the Company’s Minute Book;
  • Prepare and circulate notices of board and general meetings, minutes of meetings and resolutions, together with the filing of resolutions at the CAC, Abuja in relation thereto;
  • Periodic filing of annual returns, and the returns required in connection with removal and appointment of Directors and the allotment of shares;
  • Attest to and execute all company documents on behalf of the Company as may be required by the Directors of the Company and by law;


Undertake Permits, Licences and Certificates on behalf of our clients in their area of operation. We are experienced in representing clients while interfacing with various government Ministry, Department and Agencies (MDA’s) in relation to doing business in Nigeria.

Depending on the nature of your operation, we can help you obtain or renew Licence/Permits/Certificates with the following MDAs:

  • Corporate Affairs Commission
  • Federal and State Environmental Bodies
  • Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR)
  • National Pension Commission (PENCOM)
  • Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)
  • Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS)
  • National Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSTIF)
  • Others include: Trademark, Patent, Copyright, NOSDRA, ITF, BPP, etc.